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After-sale service

Sogoya chooses products to sell based on their high quality designs and proven hardware reliability. So the quality is guaranteed.

We check all your orders during the packing stage to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the adapters and other standards (e.g. NTSC/PAL) are correct for your country.

We have a QA team who tests you ordered electronics products are functioning correctly before they are packed and sent to you. This is in addition to the normal quality assurance checks that all the goods have passed in the factory line.

All our products are covered by a 12 MONTH WARRANTY, for return and repair / replacement.

In essence this means that faulty products can be returned by post to Sogoya, in China, where we will make the repairs or instant replacement and ship the new goods back to you.




If you have any difficulties whatever with the products, or you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, you can contact us and we will discuss the issue in an open, honest way.

We dont believe companies should ignore their customers or try to hide from problems. We will do our best to deal with your enquiries promptly and helpfully.

NB: Please tell us if you are a drop-shipper and have returns issues with Sogoya goods you have sold to your customers: we can do RMA directly with your customers or they can do it through you.


The following circumstances arising from the failure is not within the scope of the warranty free of charge:
A, inlet
B, normal wear and tear of
C, after a strong shock or compression due to physical damage caused by the failure (such as smashed or crushed, etc.)
D, display Screen broken
E, clients such as self-disassemble, or tearing up the fragile fuselage warranty affixed labels, are regarded as the right to take the initiative to abandon the warranty!
F, self-brush machine, upgrading the use of inappropriate